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What is the well-known Quinto Encuentro – the Fifth Encuentro in the US? VIDEOS



The well-known Quinto Encuentro, or V Encuentro, is the fifth national gathering of the Catholic Church to deepen the Church's commitment in the field of the Hispanic ministry. Hispanic immigration to the US was and still is strong, and the Church wants to face the challenge to welcome them, to integrate them and to work together as one Church of Jesus Christ, by sharing, learning from each other and giving from the treasure that everyone possesses.

The idea is to go out to share the Gospel with everybody, especially with those who are in the outskirts, with the needy, as Pope Francis constantly challenges us.

Parish, diocesan, and regional meetings

There are different levels of the V Encuentro. The first level takes place in the parishes of United States, with five small group meetings. The diocesan meetings take place during the second semester 2017. In 2018, the diocesan reports will proceed to regional meetings, in each of the 14 episcopal regions of the US.

V Encuentro national event

The V Encuentro national event will take place in September, 20-23, 2018, with the participation of 3,000 leaders (aproximately 20 per diocese), in Grapevine, TX, (Dallas). Regional reports will be discussed, and a conclusive document will be published after the 2019 meeting.

What is the Parish Encuentro?

Regarding the Parish Encuentro, the official Parish Encuentro Planning Guide explains that it's about an opportunity to:
• Gather members of the distinct parish groups who participated in the five sessions and missionary activities to share what they experienced during the five weeks of reflection, discernment, consultation, and evangelization.
• Reflect together on the various social, cultural and pastoral realities experienced by Hispanics/Latinos in their parish and in the United States.
• Propose practical responses to specific needs and aspirations in a process of reflection and discernment.
• Make concrete commitments to advance the New Evangelization as a parish, small communities, lay ecclesial movements, and other groups. • Celebrate through our sharing, prayer, and in the Eucharist.

Bishop Mario Dorsonville, Auxiliary Bishop of Washington and Lead Bishop of the Episcopal Region IV encourages all Catholics to participate in the V Encuentro.


Who Is Invited to the Parish Encuentro?

The Parish Encuentro is a unique opportunity to express the beauty of being a community of faith. The gathering is open to all parishioners who are interested in witnessing the V Encuentro process. However, the main participants in the Parish Encuentro are those who participated in the V Encuentro five sessions and those who engaged in missionary activities.

Parishes are strongly encouraged to reach out and invite Hispanic/Latino youth and young adults. Encuentro Parish Teams are to make the best effort to create an environment in which young Hispanics/Latinos are welcomed and engaged as active participants during the Parish Encuentro.



Javier Bustamante, Executive Director of the office of Cultural Diversity of the Archdiocese of Washington, tells us about his experience as a Hispanic, his personal relationship with God and the importance of reaching out to all who are in need.



A short video presents a quick look at the meaning of the V Encuentro and its importance for the Church in US.


Javier explains in the next video the process of V Encuentro and its levels. The most important one is the parish level, because it involves most of the participants, since it's the work of thousand of small groups in the country, to find out the way how we can fulfill the mission of the Church in a deep union between Hispanics and Anglo-Americans. One of the goals of the V Encuentro, explains Bustamante, is to see which are the peripheries where we should go to bring the presence and love of Jesus, to be there where people need us. He closes saying that it's an opportunity to see what we are doing well and what we can do better, and that it's an invitation for all of us, not only for the Hispanics.


Javier Bustamante explains in this video the process of V Encuentro, its levels and its goals.


Enrique Soros
Migrantes Hoy
CELAM, Latin American Bishops Council

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